Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rebirth of Hanboks

Hi folks! 
Since my previous post is about my journey wearing a hanbok, i've decided to do deeper researches about a beautiful piece of hanbok that symbolise Korean beauty. 

Hanbok is about shapes, small details, vibrant colours and the significant of embroideries and patterns. 
The fluffiness of the skirt is one of their trademark also, since traditionally women have to wear 7 layers of undergarment inside. But, over time, it has changed and they simplified it into only 1 undergarment underneath the skirt. 
So, here is Korean traditional costumes that are no longer 'traditional.

Some of the remarkably high-fashion photo shoot of Hanboks
Vogue Korea : Kyung Soo Kim - The Full Moon Story. It's been posted during Chuseok, Korean thanksgiving day.

How about the beautiful piece of hanbok for a beautiful day?
 Hanboks as wedding dresses?
Hanbok as a wedding dress. 
I found it very beautiful using a pale colours and the lac embroidery at the edge of the veil. 

The fluffiness and the elegance of the skirt is still the same

You can see it on the Fashion Runway also!
Some of the looks that really caught my eyes that modified from hanboks.
Mostly, they turned it into a piece of dress. But, how about the last picture?
Applying hanbok's shapes, they made a gorgeous grunge look by using tartan pattern. 

Just a few days ago, one of the famous fashion bloggers Susanna Lau or known as Susie Bubble, posted a photo [right photo] wearing that dress, that i really really fell in love.
After seeing the picture of hanbok on the runway [left photo], all of a sudden i remember Susie's photo. 
Can find the similarities? 

Fyi, i do really love Susie. One of my biggest fashion inspiration actually. 
In my opinion, she's the best at mix-matching a whole look from street wear brands until high fashion ones to represent herself, isn't it?

Kara, one of the K-pop girl band prettily wearing hanboks for their looks and they keep it chic

Colours, Shapes, Ornaments, Embroideries, Details are all about Hanboks.
The impacts of Hanbok in the fashion world
'Garden of East' by Yeashin Kim
I do really like the whole collection. It seems like she took the details of hanboks as her inspiration but she collaborated it with other designs. If you look carefully at the traditional hanboks, they used a lot of tassels for their ornaments also. 

Vogue Korea : 'Happy Bunny Girl' featuring Jang Yoon Ju 
I think this one is my favourite one! Brilliantly changed it into Modern Hanboks. 
Instead of the fluffy skirt, they modified it into different designs like peplum skirt, pleats or even ruffles. Even though they did a lot of changes from the real one, but you all still can see it as a hanbok. 
That's why, they showcased and delivered the modern hanboks successfully. 

I've been kept my eyes opened widely and my jaw dropped on some pictures of modern hanbok. 
It's about how they applied something traditional with modern elements and the result was amazing. 
Not only into formal wears, but also into everyday clothes by putting some elements inside.

How about your opinion guys? Hanboks in the fashion world?
Could this be one of the fashion trends someday? 

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Once upon a time

Annyeong haseyo yeoleobun!  
That's how Korean people say "Hello guys!". Google translate all the way! 
Remembering that i can only speak those words + gamsahamnida,which is mean thank you and seems even toddlers know about those words. 

It's still on my third days and we were spending a half day to became.. 
(imitation of)... Korean.. Princesses??... abandoned??.. who live either in what century.. 
That's all the story about. Pretty short! 
We were going to one of historical palaces in Seoul, Unhyeongung Palace in Anguk
Honestly, i've just forgotten the name of the palace and was trying so hard to remember it. 
Every name in Hanguk seems so similar one with another. 
Anyway, if you guys are planning a holiday to Korea, trying Korean traditional costume is a must! 

It looks spacious and still remain their typical old architecture. Seems like every single piece keeping their secret history. 

Alyssia, Neisya, Dinda, Trixie, Neta and Me!! 

Firstly, we were going around the palace to explore and we continued changing our clothes into this beautiful pieces of hanbok. 
You guys need to make sure about the weather. If it's raining, unfortunately you cannot take a picture outside. But, what happened to us is the weather is being too good and the sun really loves us. 
It was just insane about the weather and we were still wearing our hanbok running outside.

When you arrived there, there will be a someone who in charge to take care of you and your costumes. 
I think they will choose any colours depend with your height. 
Until now, we all are still wondering how all of us can get exactly the colours that we wanted before. 
Thought she's a magician or something? 

Don't close this page! After seeing this photo with my sickening pose! Forgive me!
I still have loads of pictures that i won't ever upload because it's just another photo that better not to be consumed. 

Since i've shared some of my photos wearing hanbok, i think it would be nice if i also share
 a little bit facts about hanbok itself.
Even though hanbok is no longer used all day long, but this Korean traditional costumes are still worn during the celebration of any national days and on the wedding days. 
It's getting simpler every era, from the 7 layers of undergarment until now women only need to wear 1 undergarment underneath jeogori, the very long skirt and magoja, the outer coat. 
The colours of hanbok is very vibrant and alive. It's also decorated with pattern, embroidery and accessories, which symbolize different meanings. 

At the end, i am a bit curious and interested about the hanbok itself. How about the modern hanbok? 
How do they connect some traditional elements into something high-fashion? 

Rafaela Deandra

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Seoul, you look so beautiful today!

Hi Fellas! 
This is the continuation of my previous posts. 
Our third day! We were planning pulled ourselves away from the shopping world, since we've just spent our two days before by visiting some shopping districts in Seoul. 
We were going to be the real tourist!!!! Woohoo!
It means.. outdoor, famous historical places, taking loads of picts, good weather, beautiful scenery, what else is better than all of these? 

Some of the beautiful views that can be seen from Gwanghwamun square

Sisterhood of battle!! Neisya Allysia VS Me and Dinda! 

Myself featuring King Sejong

Photobombed by Admiral Yi-Sun sin 

Being a tourist.... Okay, that... was.... tiresome.... under... the... very... hot... sun.. actually.... 
After having a long walk around Gwanghwamun Square, we decided to go to Garosu-gil for chilling.
Garosugil is a shopping district that located in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu. 
There is nothing not to love this place. 

It seems like a long road, i mean very long road, with many branches and filled by loads of fancy, edgy, unique shops and cafes. 
All the shops there look very beautiful with their attractive window display. 
If you want to know where do the most of young people spend their time, the answer is here. 
A vibrant place for them besides it's located in the middle of the city. 
I found a lot of fashionable young people passing by there. So, it's no wonder you can find a lot of street style photographers dwell and look for their preys there. 

One of my favourite stores that has such a very lovely decoration. 

Finally, we're having our lunch at School Food. Anyway, the first picture is Ddeokbokki Carbonara
So far, that is the best one! I still cannot forget the taste and until now i'm still badly craving for it

The tiring day was ended by having good desserts. The name of the cafe is Momo Cot, which located in Garosugil area. Such a cozy place with the best honey bread ever! 

This is the end of my post. Anyway, I was wearing a very lovely dress, one of my favourite dress, from Argyle & Oxford. It was designed by my amazing friends. 
Go check out their collection guys! 
You can find out their instagram : @argy_and_oxy 

Rafaela Deandra

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Heaven Flooding

Stepped my foot on the second day! 
Nice weather (even though a lil bit too hot), exploded desire to shop, some delicious food for lunch. That was exactly we called as a holiday. 

Today we were going to Edae. Called Edae because it's near from Ewha Women University.
As expected, this area such a heaven for women to shop. 
Seriously, i think everyone can be insane here. 

Basically, there is a main road that branched into some smaller alleys. There are countless number of small shops that sell various fashion items. The price is just insane. It's very affordable. However, you need to be smart to bargain and compare prices. Some shops sell the same items and you need to be warned of each price. 
Honestly, the hardest thing is still the same which is language. Language barrier!! Most of them cannot speak english. That's the thing. But, body language speaks a lot anyway! 

Trixie and Alyssia <3

My sister along the small alley in Edae. Everywhere is just surrounded by small shops.
 Heaven, am i right?

After finished the insanity of shopping, we were going to have our late lunch. 
We found this small restaurant, dont ask me where is it but for sure its along one of the small roads in Edae. Clear explanation enough? 

The restaurant's name is Cheese Bosco. Basically, they served mostly Korean food and cooked with cheese. They put it and serve it on the hot pot to make the cheese inside keep melting. 
!!! * I'm writting with the uncontrollable hunger* !!!


Honestly, i forgot the name but the taste is like Korean Pizza with some ddeokbokki, beef, ham, bell peppers, onion, and other veggies. Served with some pizza sauce and lots of melted cheese on top.  

Rice, mushroom, hams cooked with carbonara sauce and of course with lots of cheese

Korean onigiri fried rice with 3 different flavours. 
Visually, looks cute, isnt it? Anyway, the taste also as good as it looks.

For every k-pop lovers, you guys supposed to know who are they, right?
Not a big fan of B1A4 but their life-sized photos in front of Hats On store are just too cute

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