Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blossoming in a Dark Aisle

IMG_4170 IMG_4175 IMG_4163 IMG_4137 IMG_4156 IMG_4138 IMG_4119 IMG_4150 IMG_4146
my faded pink-purple ombre hair 

Credit : Daniel Harsono

Hello! Long time no outfits post from me, since im used to busy with lot of school matters
Thanks to Daniel, who took these photos for me. It was really great time to spend my last day in Singapore before going back to Indonesia, just for another short holiday.
Mixing my heart-shaped shirt dress from Forever 21 with a grey flower sweater which i bought from flea market.. It is only cost for SGD5 :P
Wearing my patterned short socks with my pinky short boots
Anw, that is my monkeey hanging on my Celine bag. I bought it in pairs Another one is the girl monkey, the pink ones. I gave it to my bestfriend and said to her, "Please, if i have a boyfriend oneday, give it to him! Now, i just lent you :P"

Rafaela Deandra