Saturday, August 17, 2013

Once upon a time

Annyeong haseyo yeoleobun!  
That's how Korean people say "Hello guys!". Google translate all the way! 
Remembering that i can only speak those words + gamsahamnida,which is mean thank you and seems even toddlers know about those words. 

It's still on my third days and we were spending a half day to became.. 
(imitation of)... Korean.. Princesses??... abandoned??.. who live either in what century.. 
That's all the story about. Pretty short! 
We were going to one of historical palaces in Seoul, Unhyeongung Palace in Anguk
Honestly, i've just forgotten the name of the palace and was trying so hard to remember it. 
Every name in Hanguk seems so similar one with another. 
Anyway, if you guys are planning a holiday to Korea, trying Korean traditional costume is a must! 

It looks spacious and still remain their typical old architecture. Seems like every single piece keeping their secret history. 

Alyssia, Neisya, Dinda, Trixie, Neta and Me!! 

Firstly, we were going around the palace to explore and we continued changing our clothes into this beautiful pieces of hanbok. 
You guys need to make sure about the weather. If it's raining, unfortunately you cannot take a picture outside. But, what happened to us is the weather is being too good and the sun really loves us. 
It was just insane about the weather and we were still wearing our hanbok running outside.

When you arrived there, there will be a someone who in charge to take care of you and your costumes. 
I think they will choose any colours depend with your height. 
Until now, we all are still wondering how all of us can get exactly the colours that we wanted before. 
Thought she's a magician or something? 

Don't close this page! After seeing this photo with my sickening pose! Forgive me!
I still have loads of pictures that i won't ever upload because it's just another photo that better not to be consumed. 

Since i've shared some of my photos wearing hanbok, i think it would be nice if i also share
 a little bit facts about hanbok itself.
Even though hanbok is no longer used all day long, but this Korean traditional costumes are still worn during the celebration of any national days and on the wedding days. 
It's getting simpler every era, from the 7 layers of undergarment until now women only need to wear 1 undergarment underneath jeogori, the very long skirt and magoja, the outer coat. 
The colours of hanbok is very vibrant and alive. It's also decorated with pattern, embroidery and accessories, which symbolize different meanings. 

At the end, i am a bit curious and interested about the hanbok itself. How about the modern hanbok? 
How do they connect some traditional elements into something high-fashion? 

Rafaela Deandra

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  1. Thank you for the sweet comment! Your korea trip must've been so awesome!