Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Seoul, you look so beautiful today!

Hi Fellas! 
This is the continuation of my previous posts. 
Our third day! We were planning pulled ourselves away from the shopping world, since we've just spent our two days before by visiting some shopping districts in Seoul. 
We were going to be the real tourist!!!! Woohoo!
It means.. outdoor, famous historical places, taking loads of picts, good weather, beautiful scenery, what else is better than all of these? 

Some of the beautiful views that can be seen from Gwanghwamun square

Sisterhood of battle!! Neisya Allysia VS Me and Dinda! 

Myself featuring King Sejong

Photobombed by Admiral Yi-Sun sin 

Being a tourist.... Okay, that... was.... tiresome.... under... the... very... hot... sun.. actually.... 
After having a long walk around Gwanghwamun Square, we decided to go to Garosu-gil for chilling.
Garosugil is a shopping district that located in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu. 
There is nothing not to love this place. 

It seems like a long road, i mean very long road, with many branches and filled by loads of fancy, edgy, unique shops and cafes. 
All the shops there look very beautiful with their attractive window display. 
If you want to know where do the most of young people spend their time, the answer is here. 
A vibrant place for them besides it's located in the middle of the city. 
I found a lot of fashionable young people passing by there. So, it's no wonder you can find a lot of street style photographers dwell and look for their preys there. 

One of my favourite stores that has such a very lovely decoration. 

Finally, we're having our lunch at School Food. Anyway, the first picture is Ddeokbokki Carbonara
So far, that is the best one! I still cannot forget the taste and until now i'm still badly craving for it

The tiring day was ended by having good desserts. The name of the cafe is Momo Cot, which located in Garosugil area. Such a cozy place with the best honey bread ever! 

This is the end of my post. Anyway, I was wearing a very lovely dress, one of my favourite dress, from Argyle & Oxford. It was designed by my amazing friends. 
Go check out their collection guys! 
You can find out their instagram : @argy_and_oxy 

Rafaela Deandra

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