Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'm on Holy days

Yeah!! Im back from my holy days. Guess where did i go? 
I was going back to Seoul anyway with a very super rush and short plan. 
Firstly, i would like to share my own good news! I'm finally and officially graduated from Raffles College as a fashion marketer! WOOHOO!! This tiring journey found its end.
Yep, i should post my graduation photos anyway. However, these few next posts i'd be posting my awesome week. 

Dont ask me why im going back, okay. The visa has just finished right on the night before and right after the visa done i proceeded to get my ticket. Awesome! As always, last minute person. 
Practically, maybe this is a way of my dad giving me a treat from my graduation.
  Thank you for million times Daddy!!! 

Straight to the point, i went there with my best friends, Zaneta, Trixie, Neisya and her sister Alyssia and my one and only sister, Dinda. 

First day! and we spent a day in Hongdae. Named Hongdae because it is near from Hongik University
Honestly, for me this is my favourite area in Seoul that i would like to comeback again. 
Urban arts, unique, a lot of cozy places and it's like where young people spend their day in. Day to night, they remain their excitement. 

Pieces of arts who made originally by students around that area are everywhere. From stalls, small shops until big stores, they sell a huge range of fashion items. Very awesome! Cozy places are in front of the eyes. From a very sweet cafe, which sells cakes and coffee to a fine restaurant to enjoy Korean food as a dinner. 

Korean BBQ and served with vegetable pancake. It tastes super yum with the with rice and kimchi. 

Stylenanda flagship store in Hongdae. Still be my favourite place and i'm so relieved that i could comeback to their store. This was my second time going back there and i was still dying inside. Feeling crazy like entered the gate of heaven. Even though they also have their online store, but being able to go to their store is still amazing.
Besides their own products, they also sell some branded goods that i would be dying for like Jeffrey Campbell, Le Specs, Daniel Palillo and many more. Last but not least, their makeup products, 3 concept eyes, are just beyond amazing. Very recommended for their liquid foundation and their lipstick with a huge of colour options. 

Anyway, here is the link to StyleNanda website. Go check it, fellas! 

Rafaela Deandra

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  1. your headband is super cute! <3
    Style Nandaaaaa D;

    1. AWWW!! Thank you..
      Stylenanda flagship store :")... I was going insane inside!!!
      I bet you'll be going crazy as i did! lol

  2. so pretty as always <3