Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rebirth of Hanboks

Hi folks! 
Since my previous post is about my journey wearing a hanbok, i've decided to do deeper researches about a beautiful piece of hanbok that symbolise Korean beauty. 

Hanbok is about shapes, small details, vibrant colours and the significant of embroideries and patterns. 
The fluffiness of the skirt is one of their trademark also, since traditionally women have to wear 7 layers of undergarment inside. But, over time, it has changed and they simplified it into only 1 undergarment underneath the skirt. 
So, here is Korean traditional costumes that are no longer 'traditional.

Some of the remarkably high-fashion photo shoot of Hanboks
Vogue Korea : Kyung Soo Kim - The Full Moon Story. It's been posted during Chuseok, Korean thanksgiving day.

How about the beautiful piece of hanbok for a beautiful day?
 Hanboks as wedding dresses?
Hanbok as a wedding dress. 
I found it very beautiful using a pale colours and the lac embroidery at the edge of the veil. 

The fluffiness and the elegance of the skirt is still the same

You can see it on the Fashion Runway also!
Some of the looks that really caught my eyes that modified from hanboks.
Mostly, they turned it into a piece of dress. But, how about the last picture?
Applying hanbok's shapes, they made a gorgeous grunge look by using tartan pattern. 

Just a few days ago, one of the famous fashion bloggers Susanna Lau or known as Susie Bubble, posted a photo [right photo] wearing that dress, that i really really fell in love.
After seeing the picture of hanbok on the runway [left photo], all of a sudden i remember Susie's photo. 
Can find the similarities? 

Fyi, i do really love Susie. One of my biggest fashion inspiration actually. 
In my opinion, she's the best at mix-matching a whole look from street wear brands until high fashion ones to represent herself, isn't it?

Kara, one of the K-pop girl band prettily wearing hanboks for their looks and they keep it chic

Colours, Shapes, Ornaments, Embroideries, Details are all about Hanboks.
The impacts of Hanbok in the fashion world
'Garden of East' by Yeashin Kim
I do really like the whole collection. It seems like she took the details of hanboks as her inspiration but she collaborated it with other designs. If you look carefully at the traditional hanboks, they used a lot of tassels for their ornaments also. 

Vogue Korea : 'Happy Bunny Girl' featuring Jang Yoon Ju 
I think this one is my favourite one! Brilliantly changed it into Modern Hanboks. 
Instead of the fluffy skirt, they modified it into different designs like peplum skirt, pleats or even ruffles. Even though they did a lot of changes from the real one, but you all still can see it as a hanbok. 
That's why, they showcased and delivered the modern hanboks successfully. 

I've been kept my eyes opened widely and my jaw dropped on some pictures of modern hanbok. 
It's about how they applied something traditional with modern elements and the result was amazing. 
Not only into formal wears, but also into everyday clothes by putting some elements inside.

How about your opinion guys? Hanboks in the fashion world?
Could this be one of the fashion trends someday? 

Rafaela Deandra

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