Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sea Breeze







( Tied back top, Zara's asymmetric skirt, Versace for H&M bracelet, Balenciaga bag )
Captured : Ardina Grimaldy

Can you feel something like a beach fever like me too?
grab the flowing skirt.. and let the sea breeze do their duty amazingly ;;)..
it is no longer sheer maxi skirt, it's gonna be a flying skirt..

Rafaela Deandra

Even a grain of sands, can remind me of you

After one week struggling for assignment week,
screaming out after "History of Costume" because it screwed up my night..
Finally now I'm enjoying a free time enough to go blogging
Indeed, Photography class looks like so fun.. i also thought like that firstly..
But the assignments!!!! its freaking me out!!!!
But only one thing left which is not regrettable..
Exploring this city, because photography always need something new and interesting,isn't it?
it's like very exciting.. "Small Holiday" right?


I can smell the beach's air now



Dear 3 little cute girls, sorry for making you as objects on my photography assignment.. You're too cute!!!



She is Hanny, my best friend, roommate, and also classmate like i told before in my previous posts..
Like toddlers when see the beach.. Just ran everywhere, playing with the water..
pretended that there was nobody there..
being like that, you guys!!! will never ever can guess her ages!!
Even she is older than me.. she is going to 22 yo.. Hard to believe?


My favorite ones.. That one is Ardina who took my pictures. thankiess babyyy xx
Im gonna post my outfits after this post..
Check it!!

Rafaela Deandra

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Literally Loving You









( White shirt, asymmetric skirt from Editor's Market, neon leaves necklace from Indonesia Local Brand, Ted Baker's neon bag, unbranded shoes and ring )
captured : Nana Anastasia

I found this Love statue quiet near from my house,
found it interesting, how we literally express this feeling

Love, something that i need the most
Something that make me forget that there r 6 billion other boys in this world
Something that need to be expressed..
cause unspoken love, its like wasting your feeling..
Its gonna the deepest painful, live on the regret

Guys, if you love her, you will never gonna be afraid to tell the world
that you love her
dreaming. thinking. wishing. realizing. proving
Prove the love by words and acts

"So, find all the people you love and give 'em a hug and tell her that you love them"
someone told me abt it, before the regret will come at the end.
He said, time is also unlimited and we don't know when the "times up" come

so boy,
would you say yes to forever?
wish u've known abt it

Rafaela Deandra

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Geek OH Geek


IMG_5079 - Copy

IMG_5063 - Copy

IMG_0525 copy - Copy - Copy
Captured by my best friend, Christian Soegiarto <3

Totally dating with books on a library.
Pick some nerdy stuffs on you, dressing up like a freaky and take the most geeky glasses of yours!
Join my date!

Rafaela Deandra

Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Giveaway

Happy Belated Valentine to everyone!!
Here is my first giveaway for celebrating valentine's day.
For 2 lucky winners can get these 2 vintage postman bags from Editor's Market




Here is the two vintage postman bag, the brown and the dark brown ones
Get this bag, by :

1.Follow this blog by Blogger
and also my Twitter : @rafaeladeandra

2. Comment this post with your favorite love quotes !
Dont forget to put your name on it, email address and twitter account
and choose what color you want :)

This Giveaway will be closed at March 20th
Only for Indonesian and Singaporean bloggers

Rafaela Deandra

Tuesday, February 14, 2012






Garlic mushroom, mini burgers, chicken meatballs and the most favorite one is the crispy chicken wings!!! very recommended


My bestfriend, classmate and also r00mate, Hanny, and Veve, Hanny's bestfriend.
Anw, Veve is a fashion designer and she has her own local brand.
I really love her collection. Very unique and really interesting!
Have to check out her brand


This lookbook need some hype :)


( Red velvet cropped top, Oversized jeans jacket, Long fitted skirt from Editor's Market, Leopard clutch from Indonesia Local brand, Unbranded rings, Snake skin platform from Topshop )

Ladies night or Singles night !
Having a Valentine dinner with the other singles girls! It was very fun anyway.
Though we hvnt got boyfriends yet and we met couples bringing a bucket of roses, balloon and the other sweet things!! Envyyy...
I thought that Singaporeans really celebrate and appreciate Valentine's day. Its different from my hometown. The couples which we met today, it cannot be counted anymore!!

Listening to the music, watching the people pass by, enjoying the meals and the drinks at a riverside cafe in Esplenade.
Took a deep breath and enjoying the Valentine's air and i feel the love <3

Rafaela Deandra

Presenting the Valentine

If You're Not The One - Daniel Bedingfield

I covered this song, one of the most favorite song for me
With or without reasons, i really love this song
Named this song as a Valentine gift
one and the only way sharing the love
Hope you guys enjoy it

Rafaela Deandra

Captured the Love







These are all the photographs which taken during the valentine's day.
Feel the love?

Rafaela Deandra

Love Serenade

I watched and heard this video for many times after he launched this song.
How i really like this song!!!And also Joseph Vincent!!
You guys also have to check out his song " If You Stay"
This song is one of my favorite love song anyway.
His voice makes me addicted to him much!!!
And this video must be watched and can accompany every single in the world in this valentine day!!
moreover, valentine is not abt sharing love with boy or girlfriend right?
Celebrating valentine it also could be with family or friends
Happy Valentine everyoneee!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heart to Heart

IMG_0361 - Copy - Copy


IMG_0148 - Copy - Copy

( Forever 21 cropped top and neon cardigan, Editor's Market leather pants, unbranded leopard clutch and necklace, Marc by Marc Jacobs bangle, Topshop spiked headband, Jeffrey Campbell Lita from Solestruck )

Helping my best friend making a apology video to her ex-boyfriend
Hope their relationship could be better soon.
She's alrd sacrificed just for him to make this sweet project
Hope that her apology would be accepted

IMG_0327 - Copy - Copy

IMG_0355 - Copy - Copy


She made this board
She asked 22 people in Esplenade to hold while she was taking their picture


i also suggested her to look back her clothes in her closet,
to find a plain shirt which has been unused.
Then, she wrote " Please Forgive Me, Bondan (her ex's name)"
and the result!! Voilaa!!
it doesn't look like a handwriting shirt, right? Cool!!

Rafaela Deandra

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Little Bad GIrl

2007-brunette-red - Copy



A little touch of bright color on the bottom


dyed-hair-girl-tattoo-Favim.com-277930_large (1)

all-we-need-is-love-tattoo-picture-on-visualizeus-g-v-tattoodonkey.com - Copy

18 - Copy

little cool tattoo on the unpredictable part

Need something new!! Like out of habit
Maybe something different and lil bit "naughty" should be tried