Monday, August 5, 2013

Heaven Flooding

Stepped my foot on the second day! 
Nice weather (even though a lil bit too hot), exploded desire to shop, some delicious food for lunch. That was exactly we called as a holiday. 

Today we were going to Edae. Called Edae because it's near from Ewha Women University.
As expected, this area such a heaven for women to shop. 
Seriously, i think everyone can be insane here. 

Basically, there is a main road that branched into some smaller alleys. There are countless number of small shops that sell various fashion items. The price is just insane. It's very affordable. However, you need to be smart to bargain and compare prices. Some shops sell the same items and you need to be warned of each price. 
Honestly, the hardest thing is still the same which is language. Language barrier!! Most of them cannot speak english. That's the thing. But, body language speaks a lot anyway! 

Trixie and Alyssia <3

My sister along the small alley in Edae. Everywhere is just surrounded by small shops.
 Heaven, am i right?

After finished the insanity of shopping, we were going to have our late lunch. 
We found this small restaurant, dont ask me where is it but for sure its along one of the small roads in Edae. Clear explanation enough? 

The restaurant's name is Cheese Bosco. Basically, they served mostly Korean food and cooked with cheese. They put it and serve it on the hot pot to make the cheese inside keep melting. 
!!! * I'm writting with the uncontrollable hunger* !!!


Honestly, i forgot the name but the taste is like Korean Pizza with some ddeokbokki, beef, ham, bell peppers, onion, and other veggies. Served with some pizza sauce and lots of melted cheese on top.  

Rice, mushroom, hams cooked with carbonara sauce and of course with lots of cheese

Korean onigiri fried rice with 3 different flavours. 
Visually, looks cute, isnt it? Anyway, the taste also as good as it looks.

For every k-pop lovers, you guys supposed to know who are they, right?
Not a big fan of B1A4 but their life-sized photos in front of Hats On store are just too cute

Rafaela Deandra

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  1. love your mcm bag ce <3
    btw i always see you in church heheeh
    lets take a pic together with ce lens!!

  2. I love your skirt! I love the color of your mcm den >.< so cute~
    you look cute as well~