Friday, March 29, 2013

The Black Cat NEEDS $$$!!

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  credit : Adinda
Top & Pants The Editors Market ; Shoes Partkichung from localbrand ; Bag Joyrich ; Cap Boy London ; Necklace Style Nanda ; Bracelets Marc by Marc Jacobs + unbranded 

Monotone is not always be boring. put a lot of black and white patterns at the same time, i think it could be a better way to awaken black and white. The classic style, from these two colors, could be suitable for day or night outfit. hmmmm.... that could be the reason why no one hates these colors. 

Monochrome Madness

Even though im not kind of Black and White person, but... black and white is never be wrong!
Did i look like a chessboard? lol
anyway, i love that ipad case so bad.. when i saw that, i've just grabbed and think that it is so cute and so me!
But, i dont have ipad mini HUHU and i gave it to my mom. 
But, i am monopolizing hers. HUHU im just too in love with the case.
Anyway, i got that pair of shoes from my best friend, Hanny! Like it much!
She is currently working in They sell a lot of Indonesian local brands.
Since she started working there, i dont know what happen to my pocket money.
Seems like i buy too much from her!!! It is so torturing.. 
Support her or spend my money uncontrollably when opening the website!!! too much things that i wanna buy.

Anyway, go check out!!!

Grab the shoes there <3

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Thank you!

Rafaela Deandra


  1. Deaaaa you have so many cat stuffs *envy* btw rambutnya bagus gini. keliatan dewas, tjakeupsssss!

  2. Love all your stuff in here

  3. love your styleee cee so nylon!!

  4. Wow great photos!

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  5. WOOOW you stle really cool !!! i love your stuff !! keren

  6. COOL!:d
    btw,i followed yours,mind to follow mine?


    1. Thank you :D
      Okay, go check and follow it xx

  7. amazinggg outfit! such a bold look and you completely pull it off. love:)

  8. pattern mix with pattern always look cool!
    I love your bag! :)

  9. aduuuhhh,keren bangetttt yaaa...:))
    naksir berat sama bag.nya itu, kerennnn bangetttt!!!:))

  10. Omg you're so so so prettyyyy! Love everything on the picture :)

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  11. Super adorable! You look so pretty as usual <33
    Love everythin from head to toe

    Pinky Promise

  12. Your. Style. Is. Dope! We love love it! Happy we found your blog, girl! xx

    ox from NYC!


  13. That outfit is so cute!!
    Much love,