Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sweet Escape to Korea - Part 1

Hi Guys!
I feel so long for not blogging and i decided to start blogging again..
HUHU.... i miss blogging.
This post would be my diary of last short holiday (honestly, its not an official holiday, just "holiday")
I wanna share with you guys, how fun it was! Korea is so amazing and kinda country that you must-go-back there! 

I was there on 17-23rd Feb and it was winter there. But how lovely it was, a winter with a sunlight
Here is my sneak peek from Korea <3. Hope you enjoy it! 
IMG_3196 IMG_3241 IMG_3239

IMG_3250 IMG_3251 IMG_3255 copy 
That was Myeong-dong looked like on at night.

Myeong-dong is one of main shopping district in Korea anyway. Very recommended place to go shopping especially make up. However, Myeong-dong is very big. Dont get separated from your friends anw, or you can get lost there. A lot of fashion retailers there and small boutiques and stalls. very recommended! Dont forget to try any street food there. was so good :9 

HUHU... Korean Sleepy Garfield??? 


Rafaela Deandra