Friday, May 4, 2012

The Sprinkle Pink

Finally.. Im coming back!!!
Feel it was a very long time not blogging and i felt so guilty about it.
I"ve just gone through all kinds of exams and submissions.... 
and i swearr.. it was torturing me.
Anw, i was held up short holiday to Jakarta. Actually, im was not on holiday, but thought that i have to !!
GAWDDD.. that "trip" was changed many things!!! it was successfully refreshed me..
and i swearr i was too happy. i found a lot of new bestfriends there and a new "friend" there *blushing*
thought that next holiday, im going to Jakarta again.. and i have to post about some interesting spots on there..
Everything is nice but the traffic jam is the only exception anyway. I found a lot of things there.. 
Im missing Jakarta..

Anyway, i also dyed my hair there.. yes its hot pink color, like my favorite color ;;)

This is inspired me much..

That's all.. here is my short post about a little of pink color at the end of my hair
See you on the next post.. 

Rafaela Deandra


  1. head over heels in love with your amazing hair and your shoes as well! where did ya get it?have been looking for that kind of shoes lately;P

    1. I got it from a local brand at jakarta. you should go there cause it got a lot of colors also..
      anw, thank youuu Maria :)

  2. Hy beautiful! your blog is so sweet! I was wondering, would you like to follow each other? :X

  3. hey pretty, itsa beautiful hair. totally different from another posts below. :)
    n i'm following you now :)

  4. Never credit me! Hahahaha kidding, love the hair!


  5. hai.
    good hair.
    good outer wear.
    good shoes.
    good bye.

    Summer Flounce

  6. Wooow, I love your hair! You look so pretty <3
    I've followed you ;>


  7. I love your hair so much.

    mind to follow each other?