Thursday, May 31, 2012

Peeking Neon

IMG_2131 IMG_2136 IMG_2133 IMG_2140 IMG_2137

Photos Credit : Donny Christianto
(Editor's Market Shirt, H&M leather pants, Bershka neon bandage, Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes, Zara pink neon clutch box)

Hello everyone, It's been a very long time not blogging.
Cause of the hectic schedule, im about crazy pass this term..
Hope its gonna end soon and well also
Anyway, just got these photos from last photoshoot in my hometown.
It were taken by my bestfriend for making his portfolio

Combining the sheer black shirt decorated with sparkling stars printed with black leather pants..
Put my favorite shoes with the highest heels ive had
Yes, Its absolutely worked to appear taller
Ended with a final touch of pink neon clutch bag
Thought that im infatuated with shocking or neon pink. For me, Pink is the new neutral color..
My friends also realized then told me that im the pinky girl (considering my new pink hair)

Rafaela Deandra


  1. Ow i do love the top.. Haha..

  2. what a lovely galaxy printed top! so envy haha
    i've followed you :)
    mind to visit my blog?

  3. Loving the neon details :)

    - Malena

  4. I love that sheer top :) I'm really tempted to a paint throw DIY on a similar piece now.

  5. Gorgeous as well <3
    I already followed your blog, mind to follow back please (: