Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Routine is not Over

Im coming back !!
Welcome to Singapore, back to school, meet the reality, holiday is over :s
was leaving my hometown with a heart that is not sincere. My heart still leaves there anw.
I've spent this 2 weeks, The Christmas eve n also NYE and that's incredible!!

However, this is not bad. New year means new life, renew the spirit also.
Recognize ur truly aim and fight for it.
This is my new term in my school and hopefully can pass all the modules.

Anyway, here is all the photos on my first day back.


Cathay Cineleisure, the most favorite mall for me. I find fun in that place.The cinema is quite big and there r so many local brands there.Besides, that was a Friday. They play really nice music throughout the night.



Eating dimsum and feelin like im in Singapore nowww


I can find bestfriends like them even im not in my hometown.


a little story about her, who stand beside me. She is my best bestfriend in Singapore.
Have to be grateful cause i met her. No need more than 1 week and we act like we've already known each other since long.
We hav many similar habits. Talking something not important. Tell a joke about somebody else.
and luckily, She is my housemate.
Even, we hav a very different style, but i love her style.
She's studying Fashion marketing but she's already graduated from Fashion Design.
Anyway she's 21 y.o !!! DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE FACE!!





See ya in my next post.



  1. I love ur bag!! *o*
    xoxo (in french but u can translate it ;) )

  2. You girls look so stylish! I loove that briefcase/schoolbag!
    xo, anna