Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lame Lion

Credit : Reza Aditya 
Dress : unbranded printed lion dress with ruffles at the bottom ; Shoes : Zara white pointed heel shoes ; Bags : Joanna Pybus fur monster clutch by Bengt Fashion ; Bracelet Topshop gold horses bracelet Necklace and other bracelets : unbranded diamond-shaped gold chain necklace and bracelets from Singapore market

Hi fellas! 
So, how was going on in this october, guys? This month is going to be ended soon by the Halloween celebration. Are you guys excited? 
Since i've been staying in Indonesia for these few months, not to excited for the halloween. 
It's not one of the big celebration day in my country sadly. Still remembering how fun the last two years my halloween celebration in Singapore. Missing it so badly. 

Anyway, i've been busy taking care of my new clothing line. Indeed, i'm going to continue my study in the early of 2014. While i'm doing nothing to wait for my new college life, decided to creating my clothing brand.It's named STUPKID, which is you guys know it stands for stupid kid. 
Hopefully, you guys excited because this November i'm going to launch my first ever collection. 
Even though i'm totally sucks at drawing but in this way maybe to prove a fashion marketing student who doesn't know at all how to draw and sew can make their own collection?

Will be very happy to hear and critics and suggestion from you guys. 
Thank you so much for a lot of love and supports from people around me that genuinely care about me. Even thank you is never enough. 

Rafaela Deandra

Instagram and Twitter : @rafaeladeandra

Friday, October 4, 2013

Philo, you blew me away!

Credit : Reza Aditya 
Tops : #teamPhilo LPD New York from VFiles ; Beanie : Weird and Needy bobble hat from Lazy Oaf Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell Purvis from Solestruck ; Necklace : double row gold chain necklace and cross long necklace from Topshop ; unbranded camera necklace ; unbranded hand band ; unbranded knee-length socks from Korea

Honestly i bought that tee since almost 2 months ago and been thinking this kind of outfit from i don't know when but here we go now. 
I've been struggling so badly to find this team Philo shirt with 73 on the back side.

Just saying, being so busy this couple weeks and i'm on my way building my own brand. 
I hope you guys will excited to look forward it. 

If i nail this one, i'll prove to anyone that even though i'm a fashion marketing student, no way near to be artistic kind of person, the only thing i could draw are just mountain, the sun and the moon. 
Last one, yes, i am the one who had my first remedial test in junior high school is on drawing subject. Fyi, the tittle of the assignment is just to draw a refined cube and i'm got the lowest score among the class, ehm, the only one though. because of this, my mom found it ironic to see me and she hired a drawing teacher to come over my house and i was having some drawing cube lesson for few weeks. 
I feel so pathetic about myself. 

Rafaela Deandra

Instagram and Twitter : @rafaeladeandra