Monday, August 6, 2012

Soft and Smooth

Just touched down my hometown on the last holiday. Yes, i dyed and retouched my hair. Voila! its no longer pinky hair but i put a dark purple on it. i took a small photoshoot with my sister. Nonono, its actually more about expression of her happiness cause she got a lot of gifts from me. She was trying to use it all. Have been very long time for not wearing a kind of softy and simple outfit on me.and yes im missing it!

Anyway, sorry for bad quality of photograph :|. I know there are a lot of noise on these pictures.





Combining some smooth and softy colors. Light blue denim oversized shirt, a pair of light purple mid-calf length pants and coupled with a pair of simple creamy platform heels. Completed with a soft yellow textured bangle and reinforced by the black transparent clutch and an abstract black and white necklace on it.

Rafaela Deandra


  1. you look adorable as always ci ><

  2. your hair is better this wayyy!!
    jarang2 km dandan warna simple ngene, tpi apik kok.

    eh deeeee, kangenn!! ya apa kabar e?