Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Even a grain of sands, can remind me of you

After one week struggling for assignment week,
screaming out after "History of Costume" because it screwed up my night..
Finally now I'm enjoying a free time enough to go blogging
Indeed, Photography class looks like so fun.. i also thought like that firstly..
But the assignments!!!! its freaking me out!!!!
But only one thing left which is not regrettable..
Exploring this city, because photography always need something new and interesting,isn't it?
it's like very exciting.. "Small Holiday" right?


I can smell the beach's air now



Dear 3 little cute girls, sorry for making you as objects on my photography assignment.. You're too cute!!!



She is Hanny, my best friend, roommate, and also classmate like i told before in my previous posts..
Like toddlers when see the beach.. Just ran everywhere, playing with the water..
pretended that there was nobody there..
being like that, you guys!!! will never ever can guess her ages!!
Even she is older than me.. she is going to 22 yo.. Hard to believe?


My favorite ones.. That one is Ardina who took my pictures. thankiess babyyy xx
Im gonna post my outfits after this post..
Check it!!

Rafaela Deandra

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