Friday, October 28, 2011

know me

Hei guuuyysss !! This is my first post in my blog. I'll let you know me first.
Im Indonesian but since last october i moved to Singapore and i live in Singapore now.
Even ive already 18 years old, but i still love using my style.
Colourfull ? YESS!! using something not usual.. something unique, I LIKE IT MUCH!
and i still love sneakers actually.
Now, im studying Fashion Marketing in Raffles Design Institue.
Quite fun! Learning about advertising,communication even the assignments are not nicee!!
But, HERE, i can dressed up like who i am.. Its not like in my hometown.
If i use something not usual, yeaaa i know they gonna mock me.
I just dont care.. Here, who i am. Im wearing what i like.. Not what they like :D

Im posting about my colourfull outfits! i like every colourfull thing!
especially neon colour. Thats why i gave my blog name is Neon Attract




What i love the most ? I love SIMPLE PLAN so much !!
especially for their new album. GET YOUR HEART ON <3. really recommended, guyss !
Cant wait January 18th 2012, im gonna back to my hometown,Surabaya to watch their concert.
My best guyfriend,Donny bought the ticket for me as my birthday present.




last for this post, i wanna say BIG THANKS for my supeerrr besties ever
CHARLENE to help me making this blog. She is my bestbestfriend since 6 years ago.
She likes fashion too. her style is awesome, Lets check out her blog

See you in my next post guys !! xoxo.




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