Friday, September 13, 2013

Sweet Chaos

Credit : Reza Aditya 
Tops : Topshop alphabet cropped tee ; New Look denim bustier ; Skirt : unbranded midi tartan skirt ; Shoes : Zara silver heels ; Bags : Miss Selfridge mini purse with flowers sequins Headband Topshop roses and spikes headband Necklace H&M chunky silver chain statement necklace

Rafaela Deandra

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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Namsan Power

Hi Fellas!! 
Sorry for keep delaying to post the last part from my Korean trip.
Even though it seems like too long to discuss about it, but i just mind to keep writing this. 
believe that one day i could read all of these posts as my diary to be remembered, right?

I was going to the most memorial place in Seoul, i think?? Yup, exactly!
It's the most beautiful tower in Seoul, Namsan Tower. 
I spent almost a whole day to explore it. But, it seems very worth it to waste my time down there. 

The cable cars that bringing you up there.

It would be lovely to keep hanging on the cable car and nothing but just enjoying the beautiful sceneries from up there. 

After the cable car had reached the top, we need to keep going. A little bit further with a lot of stairs that need to be passed and we arrived in a large park, honestly im not really sure i found the right words to describe that place. 
However, i could find some of rock statues, a big temple beside them, some shops and small stalls surrounding the park. 
Then, just realised that i'm in the middle of the Namsan tower. 

You're able to write anything on the rock statues with your own pen and marker. 
My sister wrote her boyfriend's name on it, very sweet? Envy? 
Meanwhile, me, the older sister, wrote nothing up there? Lol. 

Maybe 'those' become the most noticeable from the Namsan tower, am i right?
You can find a lot of couples there and write their name on it with their love one. 
There is uncountable amount of padlocks that hung there. 
Various type of padlocks from the new until the already rusty! 
Tower of love? Very lovely to be up there :( 

Do you notice that the bench is broken in the middle? 
Yep, all the benches there are deliberately made to be broken and it's just to make all the couple there can sit closer. 
So unique, isn't it?  I wanna steal that bench! 

Still wondering, how people hung their padlocks inside but i've tried and there is no way my hand could reach the centre part. Curious?? 

Like i told you before that i was still being in the middle of Namsan and these two photos were taken at the peak of the tower. 
The place at the peak is surrounding the circular tower, At the glass wall, there are some numbers that shown how far the place where i stood with some countries around the world. 
Walking there, feels like stepping around the world? 

The most exciting one!!!!!
 Teddy Bear Museum!!! 

I think, i've seen thousands teddy already! Cutest! 

No, these two teddies just turned into flirty teddies in front of me and Neisya! 
Or me and Neisya being flirty to them? Naughty teddies! 

Me and super silly face just trying to imitate this happy creature beside me! Do i look similar? 

Taken at one of photoboxes at Edae. Last day :( 
Anyway, if you go to Seoul, you absolutely need to try the photobox there. 
I'll bet you can waste too much time there just for doing some editing stuffs. 
it's not like other photobox i've ever tried before. 
You can add more eyelashes, bigger eyes, sharper noses, eyebrows, sharping your face and even you can change your hair colours. 
In sort, you can put your makeup there! 

Over limit baggages and happy tummy! 
Korean snacks is just seriously the best. Seems you cannot bring it home only one. 
I also do really love their packaging! Shocking pink seems everywhere and it's just one of my favourite colours since i don't have any particular fave colours. 
But, overall, as my favourite one is still the MarketO Brownies :D 
Maybe you can drop me at their factory, im sure i can eat that a whole day!

Thank you guys for reading. I hope you enjoy my posts! :D 
Would be lovely if you can drop me some of your opinions and suggestions. 

Rafaela Deandra

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